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Specialized Danish metal business

Rose Holm was founded in 1953 by Erik Rose Holm. The company originally produced fittings for the building and was located at Gl. Køge Landevej in Copenhagen. In the early 1970s, the first generation change. The Brothers Kurt and Torben Rose Holm, Erik’s two sons, took over the company and moved it to Birkerød. With the move, production became more focused, and the production of thread became a key element at Rose Holm.

From the 1990-2000, Torben Rose Holm was the sole owner of the company. With a growing core business, the need for additional square meters increased, and Rose Holm moved again. This time from Birkerød to Lynge.

In 2010, the second generation-shift was implemented. Ann Rose Bokkenheuser, Torben’s youngest daughter today owns Rose holm A/S. The latest generation-shift led to a further focus on the company’s activities. And independent board came to ensure the strategic focus.