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Plate heat exchangers (PHE)

In order to reduce the amount of food waste and improve the access of the world’s population to nutritious and healthy foods, the food industry is constantly investing in production equipment that can improve food quality and durability. Rose Holm Inc. is supplier of bolts and threads for leading international food products companies’ production equipment.

This is due to our experience in producing quality solutions, such as is included in plate heat exchangers – PHE. PHE is crucial when energy and heat are to be transferred. In the food sector, PHE plays inter alia a vital role in correct pasteurization and cooling. Therefore, PHE is also a growing market.

The demand for Rose Holm’s products, which is recognized internationally for their high quality and reliability, is growing. Not least for food producers, it is essential that the production equipment works optimally, and that food and drink are produced properly. We are proud to contribute to improving the durability of food and thus reducing global food waste.